Monday, 9 August 2010

i am not happy the next bit was to take the jummper of and put it on some wool which i did and i t does not look right and i have a sinking feeling its not the right size
i am not sure what i am going to do
i am sad now


  1. this might not be what you want to hear, clare, but if you are a new knitter, which I think you are, then you really need to practice on something smaller first before tackling a sweater. firstly its important to get your tension right, which will determine if a given size on a pattern will come out right.
    why not try to get a really simple pattern for something small, like a scarf, and just practice until you feel confident enough to tackle a larger project. keep at it though, knitting has given me a huge amount of pleasure over the years, I learnt when I was 5 years old. best wishes, and please dont get too upset,
    love joy xx

  2. hi
    i know how to pick them dont i i am going to a knitting group on firday will take it with me to see what they say
    but i have started a waist coat tonight looks abit easier to do i will put a photo up in the morning the only thing i am not looking forward to this patten it has cable on the front

    i did knit a carigan 2 years ago for me it was a lovely patten to knit then i started a jumper and that went really wrong i somehow knitted a size 14 onside and size 16 on the other and i ran out of wool and i lost the plot for a bit and this is my frist project after that i have knitted lots of flowers and hand bags in between i chose it as it said it was a easy and quick patten and i should have knowen when it was only for a size 38 inc i am 42 inc that it may go wrong
    here is the patten for you to look at
    never mind we live and learn and if needs be i will knit a new jummper with the wool
    love clare xx